7 Foaling Tips

A few of things I would like to mention, for those who are interested, based on reading Facebook posts from last year :

1. Stalls need to be clean before, during, and after foaling.
2. Let the mare bond with the foal before worrying about how it will bond with humans.
3. Babies with contracted or lax tendons get hungry just like a normal foal. If they stop eating, it is not because of their contracture or laxity.
4. Babies less than 2 weeks should not drink water, not matter how “cute” it is.
5. If the mare starts spraying milk once the foal is nursing, there is a problem. So not wait to address it. It is an emergency situation.
6. If you have any doubts about the mare retaining any placental membranes, take her temperature. If she has a fever, it is an emergency situation.
7. Take the nylon halters off.

I hope we do not see as many posts about dead foals as we did last year.

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