A Cowboy At Heart’s Story

A Cowboy At Heart was injured as a long two year old when he was cast in his stall. For a horse with so much talent, conformation, and color, it was a major disappointment. Marilyn said, “He was so perfect for a futurity horse and in one night, it was over. It was hearbreaking to learn that his career ended before it even started.” He bred his first mares when King Fritz Two was no longer able to breed and we have two of those first daughters in the broodmare band now. His foals not only show but they also work for a living and are found on ranches all over the west. You won’t find many of them for sale. We rarely have any of them left after their yearling year and they sell well. One of his yearlings, out of an unshown mare, sold for $5700 at our 2010 Production Sale. If you want the great King Fritz mind combined with the West Coast style stop, sound conformation combined with good looks, you should take a look at him. And the color doesn’t hurt either. He sires performance horses out of just about any mare. Call us and you will tell you about them.

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