It’s Breeding Season!

Well, almost. We don’t start breeding our own mare’s until Feb 14th. It’s not a sentimental thing, though. Many years ago we bred a mare on Feb 14th, thinking she would be due mid to late January. Luckily we had visitors come to the ranch on December 31st. While showing them around we noticed a maiden mare dripping milk. He said, “Your going to have a foal tonight!” I told him, no, that she wasn’t due for a couple more weeks. Sure enough, there was a foal the next morning. This was long before we had a foaling stall, or foal alerts, or even IgG snap tests. We still used iodine for navels back then, too, and end as were soapy water. Mare was fine, baby was fine, everything was fine but I kept thinking about what would have happened if I’d bred her earlier. Instead of seeing a mare dripping milk, the visitors might have seen a two week old foal! We’ve never bred our own mare’s before Feb 14th ever since.

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