King Fritz Two (deceased)

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pictured at age 7 and 22
(July 15, 1974 – August 10, 2003)
15.0 hand bay roan
by King Fritz Out of Reign’s Request

King Fritz Two is by NRCHA Hall Of Fame Member and Leading Reining, Cutting and Reined Cow Horse sire, King Fritz His dam,Reign’s Request, is still talked about by those who saw her show. She was the ASHA Champion Stock Horse in the Hackamore, Green Bridle and the Open Bridle and is considered a legend by many great horsemen. She won every major Stock Horse Championship in California and Arizona including Del Mar (twice), Arizona A to Z, Cote De Caza, and the California State Fair. She was retired and bred to King Fritz in 1973; King Fritz Two was her first foal. Unfortunately, King Fritz died before she could be bred back.

King Fritz Two has sired the dams of AQHA High Point Horses, AQHA World Champions, and NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Champions. He is considered by many to be the leading son of King Fritz.  We have 13 of his daughters in our broodmare band.

Most people don’t get a horse like this in a lifetime, let alone when you are 16 years old, but that’s how old Marilyn was when he was born. She had just begun showing horses that year. Marilyn started him when he was a two year old and was told repeatedly by horsemen and horse people to be careful, that sooner or later he would “act like a stallion” and “you don’t know what you are doing” and that ” you would have to watch him every minute or you will get hurt.”

He never did anything wrong – in fact he set the standard that Marilyn still uses for a good minded stallion. He was the most honest and dependable horse you could hope for. He was a very intelligent horse that never said no. That mind still exists in his offspring and their offspring. Valley Quarter Horse Association used to have a Stock Horse Stake every year at the LA County Fairgrounds in Pomona. It was during the LA County Fair and the show horses had to endure crowds, the Budweiser Clydesdales, and a helicopter acrobat that performed each evening during the fireworks show. One night during the evening performance the fireworks and acrobatics started. The show was stopped and everyone ran to put their horses away and shuts the top stall doors. Marilyn just sat on King Fritz Two as he looked up and watched the fireworks.

Valley Quarter Horse Assocation also had a stallion service auction each year at the fair. Most people led their stallions around the ring. Marilyn hopped on King Fritz Two and stopped and spun him with just a halter. Every time she turned him around the bids went higher. That was the first time Pete met Marilyn. Another time the ranch in Valley Center ranch flooded and there was no access – the roads into the ranch were all flooded. Someone had a mare in heat and wanted to drop her off. So Marilyn rode King Fritz Two out, met the owners and ponied the mare back into the ranch. After she unsaddled, King Fritz Two bred the mare.

Al Dunning was talking to Marilyn last year and said he there were two horses that he thought were great. Expensive Hobby and King Fritz Two. He said, “I wish I would have had a chance to train and show him!.” Al did not know at the time that Marilyn’s father made the decision not to put him into training. “My dad had lost interest in the horses and decided not to spend any more money on them. When he died in 1978, I took over the horses and had to sell a lot of them to pay the taxes. I did not have enough left to put King Fritz Two into training. So with very little experience, I did it myself.”   King Fritz Two won enough to impress those who saw him show and they still talk about his huge stop and great turn-arounds.

King Fritz Two

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