Magic Crosses

Magic Crosses
Magic Crosses are the highest earning crosses of a specific stallion on maternal sire lines. Many mare owners look at Magic Crosses to make their choices of stallions. The data reflects what has happened, not what will happen, and does not always reflect the best crosses. For example, if 50 daughters of one stallion are bred to Stallion A, and they have the most produce record, was it actually the best cross or sheer numbers? What if those 50 daughters had been bred, instead, to Stallion B? Would Stallion B have then been the best cross? If Stallion B did not have the same opportunity was Stallion A really the best cross? Magic Crosses are not always the best crosses.

Many of the monetary amounts are in total earnings. What offspring contributed to those totals? If the total is $500,000 was the majority of it earned by one horse? We see this happen with black type catalog pages where the highest earner has $300,000 in earnings and the next highest earner has $3,000. Why is there such a big difference? It might be a perfectly good reason such as one gets great opportunities that none of the others got, or it may be that the others were just not as good. Look at the averages, not just the highest earner.

The Magic Crosses reflect what happened at least 4 years ago, when the dams of the horses were being bred. The same stallion may no longer be the best cross, even though he’s at the top the Magic Cross list. Even though a stallion’s offspring looks good on paper, they may be hard to train or hard to show or just jerks, and are no longer in demand. You may be creating something that is no longer in fashion yet be expecting high marketability that is no longer there.

Do your homework.

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