Mare Services

We each have over 45 years of experience in managing and handling stallions, mares and foals.  We have collected stallions over 10,000 times and have foaled over 2500 mares.  We are USDA approved and have shipped semen nationally and internationally thousands of times. We combine horsemanship, knowledge, and over 90 years of combined experience with 24 hour observation and the latest technology to provide superior management for your mare, foal, or stallion.

On Farm Breeding

  • Booking/Farm Fee – On Farm $650.00 – includes normal reproductive procedures for three heat cycles (inseminations, ultrasounds, uterine cultures)

Shipped Semen Breeding

  • Booking/Farm Fee – Shipped Semen $500.00 – includes first two collections (Fed Ex or Airline charges additional)
  • Additional Shipments $250.00 plus Fed Ex charges
  • Airline Shipments $450.00
  • Canadian Shipments $450.00
  • Ranch Pickup $100.00
  • Equitainer™ Deposit $400.00
  • Disposable Shippers $ 30.00

Mare Care

  • Mare Barn With Lights $22.00 per day
  • Pasture $12.00 per day
  • Small Paddocks $15.00
  • Foals $5.00 additional per day stall/ $3.00 additional per day pasture
  • Show Barn Stalls with exercise and grooming available


  • Foaling Fee $400.00
  • 24 hour supervision
  • Foal Alert
  • r. Equi Plasma (additional)
  • Hematology (additional)
  • Halter breaking $150.00

Additional Services Available

  • Frozen semen
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Consulting


Shipping days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

All orders must be placed by 7:00 pm CST the day before collection.

All cancellations must be made before 7:00 am CST the day of shipment to avoid being charged.

Late orders may be charged an extra $100.00 (no charge if extra semen is available and all payments have been made and paperwork has been completed prior to ship date) 

Equitainer™ must be returned with all parts intact within 3 days or a $50.00 per day late fee will be charged.

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