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Raise The Best You Can

Raise the best you can, and the buyers will come looking for you.

Don’t be afraid to “fire” clients. Some expect you to work for free.

Being nice isn’t always the best answer.

Keep learning. What looked good the first year you owned a horse will probably not meet your standards after breeding them for 10,20,30, or 40 plus years.

Some people are lucky breeders. They probably have (had) a lot of money. Better to be a knowledgeable breeder.

Wisely choose a mentor.

Do as much as you can yourself, but know your limitations.

Realize that some things cannot be predicted. Some things cannot be prevented. Eliminate as much guesswork as possible but realize what is out of your control.

Never apologize for being broken hearted when you lose one. Be very wary of anyone who shows no empathy.

When you get stressed, go ride a good one.

If you breed horses, people will talk about you. Both good and bad. Learn from the ones that talk to you and ignore the ones that talk about you. Ignore the slanderers. They are going to hell.

My husband and I have been breeding horses for over 50 years. We have endured cancer, vertigo, slander, libel, theft, losing horses, firing customers and employees, liars and rude behavior. But we have also endured better foals crops every year, winners at major events, the feeling of marking 75s and 76s, seeing others we have taught be very successful, great horses, great friends, great clients, great employees, and running out of space for trophies. We both started like most with a cheap mare and a resulting cheap foal. But we learned as much as we could as fast as we could and still continue to learn.

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