The Best Breeding Horse Controvery

This week someone on a social media page asked who was the best son of Reminic.  Pete said Tulare, and that he was the best breeding horse he had ever seen, even better that his sire, Reminic or Smart Chic Olena.  There were some comments alleging that our sole agenda was our pocketbook.

It is a fact that Tulare’s dam is the best mare that was ever bred to Reminic, and it is a fact that Tulare’s show record was interrupted by EPM.  It is a fact that Tulare won his first reining by 9 points and that he won his second reining at the prestigious Cow Palace Grand National, under both judges, after having to literally jump over a horse as it rolled in the warm up pen, directly in Tulare’s path.  It is also a fact that Tulare has been a successful sire in cutting and cowhorse and is very popular with both the non-pros and the trainers who have ridden his offspring.  The title of the best breeding horse ever is an opinion but is one based on seeing hundreds, and probably thousands, of horses over 40 plus years.  It is also based on knowing a great sire when you see one.

It is very important to think the stallions you stand are great breeding horses and better than other stallions, or you should not be breeding them or standing them.  If a stallion owner or manager thinks other stallions are better breeding horses, they why should any mare owner breed to that stallion?  Why would a stallion manager take a stallion owner’s money if he thought the stallion was inferior?

We have been breeding horses for over 40 years and have quite a bit of experience in choosing and evaluating stallions.  We have to really believe in them and have a good idea what mares will cross with them, or we will not own or stand them.  We turn down stallions all the time.  We want to stand stallions that will not only breed outside mares but also to breed outstanding offspring.   When mare owners ask on social media which stallions will cross with their mare, the same stallions are being posted repeatedly regardless of the mare’s pedigree or conformation.  We think all stallion owners should believe in their stallions but should also be realistic about their siring ability, something that is not dependent on show records or full page full color advertising or how popular they are.  There are many stallions with huge show records who have sired little or nothing of note.

Every breeding stallion starts out on hopes and dreams and then the reality sets in, good or bad, consistent or inconsistent.  We wait with anticipation when starting out with a young stallion.  Once they have proven themselves, we expect the best every time a mare foals.  Tulare has proven himself with every foal he has sired.  We do not need big records or everyone to agree with us to know he is an exceptional sire.  It may take everyone else a little longer to figure it out.

Come take a look at all of our stallions.  We probably have one that will fit perfectly with your mare, and if we do not, we will recommend a stallion elsewhere.  The agenda is to raise the best horses.  The pocketbook will then take care of itself.

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