Training Services

Training Services
Pete has been training horses since the 1960’s and Marilyn has been training horses since the 1970’s. We have both competed in halter, pleasure, reining, reined cow horse, cutting and have hauled clients that have won on both statewide and national levels. We believe in starting with a solid foundation and building one step at a time until the horse is a fully trained horse that can show or be ridden for years. We don’t believe in shortcuts or “tricks” to get a horse broke. Our horses are happy, confident and relaxed while doing their jobs at the highest levels of competition. Our non-pro program is based on training the rider as well as the horse, passing the knowledge along so the non-pro is confident in their ability to school their own horses, if they desire.


  • Reined Work/Ranch Pleasure $50.00 (approximately 1 hour)
  • Flag $50.00 (approximately 1/2 hour)
  • Rerun Cattle $50.00
  • Fresh Cattle $75.00


  • $1200 per month on cattle/$1000 without cattle (includes one lesson per week)


  • $ .60/mile (minimum charge of $25.00)

Commission and Fees:

  • Private sales: 10% of sale price (will be split evenly among all parties involved).
  • Purchases: all expenses incurred plus $250 per day if travel is needed.
  • Public Sale: depends on horse and sale venue.

Horse Earnings/Show Expenses:

  • Horse Show Earnings – 25% after the first $2500.00.
  • Motel and food expense will be split evenly between all horses attending the show, including horses traveling for experience.
  • Turnback horse expenses will be split evenly between herd work horses.
  • Mileage, stall, shavings, paid warm ups, practice pen, entry fees and any other expenses incurred will be assessed to each individual horse.
  • Day Fee of $40 per day per horse will be assessed.

Sale Conditioning:

  • $30.00 per day
  • Photos, advertising materials, travel, motel, meals, health papers and other expenses will be additional.

Veterinarian, Farrier Fees, Dental, Chiropractic or other healthcare fees:

  • Owner will either pay directly or reimburse upon receipt of bill
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