Tulare’s Story

Renowned breeder of horses like Reminic and Dual Pep, Greg Ward said, “Pete, don’t ever let anyone talk you out of this colt. He will make you a living. You filled your sock up. This might be the best mare Reminic ever bred.” Greg didn’t live to see Tulare.

Tulare’s dam, Clays Little Peppy, earner of over $206,000, is not only is the best mare Reminic ever bred, she is one of the great leading cutting dams with offspring earnings of over $825,000. One of her daughters sold for $345,000 at the NCHA Futurity Sale and is a big producer herself.  She is from a family of great horses, both showing and breeding.

Pete, who was responsible for moving Reminic to Texas, feels Tulare was the best two year old he ever saw. Many thought Tulare would be the winner of the NRHA Futurity until he was sidelined due to EPM.  Missing the three year old and four year old events, it took months to get him well and then Marilyn spent over a year getting him fit and ready to show. When Marilyn began riding Tulare, she knew he was special. He is a tremendous athlete with a huge heart. The first time he showed he won the WCRHA Hackamore/Snaffle Class by 9 points. The next time he showed he won the Junior Reining at the Cow Palace Grand National under both judges. After colic surgery for an enterolith, he won the Cow Palace Grand National again, winning the Senior Reining under both judges.

His foals are showing his same athleticism and heart and all have outstanding balance and conformation. We are excited to have winners at NCHA and NRCHA including major events. Probably the most exciting is that everyone who has ridden a Tulare comes back for another one.


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